Home Features Buyers Want Right Now

Ideally, when you’re selling your home, your property will have the features buyers are looking for—and you can highlight those features in your listing to drum up more buyer attention. But what, exactly, are those features?

Home remodeling Porch.com recently surveyed 980 recent home shoppers to find out their must-have features. According to the survey, the most important features to would-be home buyers include a back porch or deck (33.9 percent), a newly renovated kitchen (30.8 percent), hardwood flooring (30.4 percent), and a finished garage (25.8 percent). And buyers are willing to pay top dollar for a home with features they want—between $2,532 and $4,570 more, depending on the feature.

So, what does this mean for you? If you’re thinking about selling your home, it’s important to know the features potential buyers are looking for. That way, if your property has said features, you can position your home in a way that speaks to buyers—and gets your home sold quickly and profitably. And, if not, perhaps it makes sense to consider adding a feature or two that will entice buyers.

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