Buying a Home

Whether buying your first home or your tenth, the buying process can be both exciting and a little daunting. Learn about the buying process and how to find your dream home!


Choosing a Real Estate Professional is one of the most important choices you make during the home buying process. I am here to help you understand the buying process from start to finish and guide you through negotiations to the successful purchase of your next home.

Rent vs. Buy?

Is it time to stop throwing away your money? When does it make sense to purchase your first home? Learn how to analyze your financial and life situation before buying your next home.  I posted a blog about Renting vs. Buying, learn more here.

Home Buyer’s Guide

Of all of life’s choices, where we decide to live is perhaps the most basic—and essential. We’ve gotta live somewhere. So where’s that going to be for you? Learn how to prioritize your necessities and desires to find the home fit for your budget and lifestyle.  Request a free copy of my Home Buyers Guide.


If you haven’t already done so, you need to get pre-approved for a mortgage.

Beyond just knowing that you can get a mortgage, and for how much, getting pre-approved will do a couple of other things for you:

  • You’ll need it when you want to submit an offer on a home. And in those moments, time can be of the essence. If you need to rush to get pre-approved, you may lose the home if you can’t get it in time.
  • Starting to talk with lenders now will give you time to choose which lender you want to work with, shop rates and products, and get the best overall loan for your situation. (NOTE: Once you’re under contract, you won’t have much time to shop around for rates and your preferred lender.)

You can certainly ask any lender you already have a relationship with, but if you want any recommendations, I can put you in touch with mortgage lenders that past clients’ of mine strongly recommend.